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Style is… Cute Outfits April 1, 2014

Style is laughter. How could style be laughter? In fact, it can often elicit the opposite emotion of sadness as you try on a pair of jeans only to realize that you need a bigger size. How can style be laughter when fashion models are often so stoic and serious that you wonder if they are angry as they meander their way down the catwalk?

In spite of this style is laughter, and I can give you a great example. Many, many years ago, I scored tickets to Destiny’s Child’s final tour (see, it was a long time ago). I invited my best friend from San Francisco to come with me. When she arrived on my doorstep, she had two t-shirts she made all by herself. The one she made for me had “Bootylicious” emblazoned across the front of it, so while it was probably not the most fashionable choice, it was the stylish choice. I felt great in it, I looked great in it, and the t-shirt represented me, a woman who had a great friend who took the time to make me a t-shirt.

As I think about it now, a smile crosses my face and I let out a slight chuckle. Great style is accompanied by great memories, whether it is a DIY t-shirt, the dress you wore when you heard your baby’s first laugh, or the pair of jean cutoff shorts you were wearing when you laughed so hard you peed on yourself.

The outfits we wear add color to our funny and unforgettable memories. I mean, can you ever look at those jean cutoff shorts again without laughing? (A more refined person may have thrown them away.)

I want you to create great style memories, which is why I am giving a free outfit blueprints for Facebook Likes. You can visit to learn more… all you have to do is hit the Like button on my Facebook page.

Go create great style. Go make more memories. Go have more laughs. Style is laughter.








P.S. You can make more stylish memories this April with Style Recipe Cards. Get over 100 mix n’ match outfits at your fingertips.


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