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Style is distress. Mayday is a distress signal you can send out in an emergency situation. I had to send out a fashion mayday this holiday season. There was a little added pressure to be fabulous since I was meeting my boyfriend’s colleagues for the first time. I ordered my holiday party dress from Rent the Runway. It was a great dress. Rent the Runway usually will let you rent a dress and then get a backup size for free. Well, they were all out of the backup sizes, so I had to hope and pray that the dress fit. I tried on the dress the day before the party and I couldn’t zip it up. It was a definite mayday situation. The only way I could get another dress was if I didn’t go to work the next day and went shopping instead.

I can be stubborn, so I insisted that this dress was going to fit. The zipper was so close… if only it could get past this one point. I had to call in some help. I had a friend try to zip me up… nothing. The dress still didn’t fit.

I started brainstorming about all the things I could do to wear the dress. Because of the zipper placement on the dress, I could wear a black camisole underneath the dress. It would help disguise the fact that the dress was not zipped up all the way. The only way someone could tell is if I were to lift my right arm up. I also had a few cropped jackets I could wear so I would be the only one at the party who knew that my dress was not zipped up all the way. So I had a plan B strategy: camouflage.

I decided to give it another go. It was soooo close. I got out the toolbox, grabbed a pair of pliers, some clamps, and the dress zipped up. It wasn’t too tight once it was zipped; it was just hard to get up because of a seam placed in an awkward area. I knew that once the dress was zipped up, I would be fine. Now I had to repeat these theatrics in less than 12 hours on the day of the event, but it didn’t matter; I had my toolbox and my plan B.

We are all going to have fashion mayday situations. Luckily for me, I have a wardrobe that has a good foundation to help cover up these situations so things never get too stressful. I can always pull a backup plan out of my bum if needed.

Are you set for the fashion maydays that may arise in your life? Can you handle:

  • A late night call from a friend saying she met the perfect guy for you and you have to come down to meet him?
  • A last minute invite to a networking event that could skyrocket your career?
  • An eleventh hour business trip across the country that could make or break your career?

My upcoming webinar can help alleviate these fashion distress signals. Even though I was in distress over my holiday party, I had a backup plan. You need to have all the right ingredients so you can always have a backup plan as well. Sign up for the May 15th on-demand webinar From Frumpy to Fabulous in 5 Days: The Style Rescue Plan for Smart Busy Women

This May, let’s take the distress out of a fashion mayday.


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