Style is…

Style is sunshine. It is June. In many parts of the country, June means summer and sunshine; however, here in San Diego, it is known as June Gloom, a month during which there are overcast skies and clouds most of the day and hardly any sunshine to speak of.

While in many circumstances, the dark, gloomy weather may make you want to throw on an oversized cardigan, grab a cup of warm Starbucks, and curl up in a corner somewhere, there is another way to combat this unfortunate weather, and that is to create your own sunshine.

Before you send out the guys with oversized butterfly nets to round me up, let me explain. I noticed a long time ago that if I dress myself up and go the extra mile in the hair and makeup department, it makes me feel a little better. It is a little trick I do. Just because my life is a mess doesn’t mean I need to look like a mess. (I warn people if you see me pumping gas in a ball gown, I have had a full blown meltdown.)

So even though it is gloomy, throw on some bright yellow, some cheerful orange, or a very crisp and clean all-white outfit. You will also bring a little cheerfulness and sunshine into any room you enter. If you need some help with creating a cheerful outfit, check out my Style Recipe Cards.

Style brightens your day and enlivens your mood. Style is sunshine.








P.S. Make every day bright, cheerful, and radiating style with Style Recipe Cards.

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