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Style is… Cute Outfits January 5, 2016

Style is… brave.

Our childhood stories are filled with acts of bravery.

Mickey Mouse as the brave tailor who slayed seven (flies) with a single blow.

Or, the brave little toaster who journeys into the city to find his master.

And let’s not forget the Disney Princess Merida with the wild flaming red hair who can hold her own with her bow and arrow.

As a child we are constantly built up to be brave, yet this message loses traction as we get older. As we get older, we can sometimes cement different roles. I’m a mother. I’m a daughter. I’m a girlfriend. Or, I’m a marketing manager. So you go to the New Year’s Eve party in a basic black shapeless non-descript dress that is what your role says you should wear. And at work your clothes help you to blend into the corporate tapestry of drab cubicles, watered down coffee, and counting down to Fridays. Keep your head down, don’t stand out, and if you hang around long enough you will be eligible for a raise. Look around, you look just like everyone else – you blend in perfectly.

It does not have to be that way. You can choose style… you can choose to be brave. Style is brave.

It takes courage to wear the sequined silver dress to the New Year’s Eve Party. It is an act of bravery to wear the red dress into your afternoon meeting.

Will you be uncomfortable at first? Maybe.

Will people whisper behind your back? Possibly.

Does it take more effort to be stylish? Just slightly.

Do you have the confidence to pull it off? Maybe not, but your confidence grows every time you do it.

Why do we push little children towards the scary roller coaster and tell them to be brave and yet, every day that you fling open your closet doors you make cowardly style choices?

Recently, my little 4-year old cousin came over wearing pink polka dot pants. A black t-shirt, sparkly winter boots, and an animal print jacket. With a single outfit she communicated more bravery than women 10x her age.

This article exists to show you how to make brave choices. My blog exists to inspire you to be brave. My YouTube channel streams to teach you bravery. My style recipe cards exist to help you create brave style shortcuts. Style is brave!

Where my brave women at?


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