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Style is… Cute Outfits February 8, 2016

Style is - February 2016Style is … survival.

We have heard that life on planet Earth is dictated by survival of the fittest. So while we are not chasing wildlife on the Serengeti or battling pre-teens for survival in the Hunger Games, every day each and every one of us is just trying to survive.

Your survival may be maintaining sanity as you try to raise very active and inquisitive twin boys or trying to scrape together enough money to pay your bills each month. So you may be thinking, “But, I don’t have the time, energy, or money to be stylish and put together outfits.” And I am here to tell you that those reasons make it even more important to pay attention to your style.

When you are rushing to get the kids off to school and yourself off to work and you are flustered running around the house trying to find where your son last left his homework, and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in a stylish black and white striped skirt is critical to your survival. That brief style moment is enough to sustain your soul.

It is a refreshing breath of fresh air of in a swirl of daily activities. Style for me is that quiet peaceful zen moment in my closet when I pick out the outfit or see it put together in front of the mirror. It is that brief but deep inhalation of breathe that a fighter does before she enters the octagon or the arena. Without that touchstone, she would be unable to survive the fight.

So while I may not have the time to luxuriate in a long bubble bath every day, I have to get dressed every day. So while I am at it, why don’t I make it stylish and let myself luxuriate in that.

Otherwise I get caught up in the illusion of survival. Eat, sleep, work, pay bills, repeat. Many of us get caught up in this cycle. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine your daily commute including a walk down a sidewalk to the bus stop. Every day you just take step after step on this long gray cement pathway. One day you see a beautiful flower pushing its way through a crack in the concrete. It reminds you that your life is more than just a daily walk and commute and you have an extra spring in your step on your way to the bus stop. It helps you to endure the rest of the day.

Your style is that flower. Style is survival. Use it to survive and thrive.

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