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Style is… Cute Outfits March 6, 2016

Style is - March 2016

Style is fierce.

I am boiling over mad while I write this post. There is yet another blog targeted to women 18 – 40 requesting fashion experts to give their two cents about how to wear spring trends. Will this lie that has been committed against the female populace every die? Trends are not really a “thing”. You don’t have to dress in a trend to be trendy.

To quote Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Magazine “Trend is a dirty word.” That is from the mouth of THE authority on fashion. If the fashion gods did really exist, she would be top dog on Mount Olympus and she would be striking us down with lighting bolts.

Trend is a dirty word to her because great style has nothing to do with trends. The idea of seasonal trends is used by the media to justify their role in your closet and their wardrobe. It is like selling Monster insurance by constantly telling people that they should be afraid to look under their bed. If they keep telling you about trends, you will have to listen to them or else the big bad boogie unfashionable monster will descend upon you.

News flash: There are stylish people that wear nothing but vintage clothes and there are unstylish people whose outfits look like the latest trends all threw up on them… and then looked at the awful mess and threw up some more.

It is 2016. We have the internet. You can research. You can see what stylists are wearing behind the scenes. You can see what designers are wearing behind the catwalk. You will see that the people who create fashion, the people who make style, do not follow trends. You have access to stylish images everywhere. Why are you still letting people sell you this garbage. The “monsters” aren’t real. Your clothes from last season won’t cause harm to you or your family.

When will you realize that the emperor has no trends? Please start to see that it is all a façade and get busy building a wardrobe that is right for you and stylish to boot… (However, boots are really trendy right now so you should get some – just kidding. That was a test to see if you were really paying attention.)

Fu*** the trends.

Just put your outfit on.

Be fierce as hell.

And make “trend” your new dirty word, along with sh**, p***, f***, c***, co********, mother******, and t***! (Thank you George Carlin)








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