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Style is… Cute Outfits August 2, 2016

Style is healing. I know style is healing because it has healed me on several occasions.

For whatever reasons, whenever I decide to throw a pity party. I want to stay in pajamas and snuggle under the biggest blanket I can find. I want to sit in a dark room, eat trashy food and watch even trashier TV (usually any Real Housewives franchise). If I must venture outside, I need sunglasses, a big coat, and some sort of hat so that a mama bird does not attempt to start laying eggs on top of my head.

In summary, I just want to be the biggest hot mess I can be. But how does that make me feel? Does that make me want to climb out of my hole of despair? Does make me eventually hit rock bottom (also known as the bottom of the Haagan Daz tub)? No it makes me want to wallow. It makes me want to drag out the pity party to the point where guests are uncomfortable and trying to plan escapes through the bathroom window. The guests include “Shred of Dignity” and a “Modicum of Self-Respect”. I can tell it is dragging on when the “Shred of Dignity” starts to uncomfortably shift her feet.

The only solution is … the only thing that brings healing… is to get dressed in a very stylish outfit. The more down I feel, the more stylish the outfit. It can literally bring me out of a funk, maybe not right away but eventually. I think it is because of that whole “act as if” philosophy. If I am looking great on the outside, it eventually translates to feeling great on the inside.

So when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, instead of reaching clothes that could double as pajamas put on a cute outfit.

There is a reason that an outfit is also called a “get up”, it can help you to GET UP.








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