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Style is… Cute Outfits October 1, 2016

Style is sweet. I remember trying to get a job with one particular photographer. He wanted to do a photoshoot that was Film Noire inspired so I sent him some images from my portfolio and he responded back, “You definitely have taste, but your style is a little sweet. I don’t know if you are right for this project.”

Of course I was pissed, so I put together some boards that were total Film Noire and I sent it to him. I was actually just now searching my computer hard drive to see if I still had those mood boards (I don’t). Anyway, he wrote back to me and said that I had talent and he would be contacting me. Well, I didn’t get the job. But it was the first time I was introduced to the concept that I may have a point of view. And that my point of view to some people may appear to be “sweet”.

For some reason that word offended me. It is sounded a little patronizing like something you say to a little kid who has created a homemade greeting card for you and you can’t quite tell if the drawing is supposed to be a cat or an alien.

It made me feel like I shouldn’t be taken seriously. Like a pop singer trying to convince people, that she doesn’t need autotune and has a voice capable of hitting octaves that will break glass.

Why am I associating the word sweet with sugary, fake, and empty calories?

Sweet is fun. Ask any kid what the best part of Halloween is? They will easily say it is the candy. As an adult we’ve forgotten about that. We choke down a kale smoothie for breakfast and shake our head pitifully at the adult eating the sweet cereal full or colors, shapes, marshmallows and other sweet delicious stuff.

So while the looks that I put together aren’t an homage to what is happening in the Congo or do not contain the edgy rawness of a genius like late great Alexander McQueen. I am content to include pink and other bright colors, fun prints, and girly accessories. It is fun and it is absolutely delicious.

I’ll interpret the word sweet in the way car enthusiast would use it. When looking at a sexy fast car, they go, “That is one sweet ride!”

Yes it is sweet and that is what makes it one hell of a ride.








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Tickled Pink: 24 pink outfits to help you find your happy AND promote breast cancer awareness
Tickled Pink: 24 pink outfits to help you find your happy AND promote breast cancer awareness


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