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Style is… Cute Outfits February 28, 2018

Style is flexible. You think of the extremely fashionable woman. You think she is disciplined and methodical. Her closet is alphabetized and organized by color. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched, her makeup impeccable and not a hair out of place.


In actuality, the stylish woman is flexible. She gets a stain on her shirt; she has a blouse she can wear instead. She runs out of her favorite blush and she knows how to blend together her eye shadow so that she can use it as blush. It starts to rain and she has a fashionable umbrella.


The worst day to have to improvise is on your wedding day. I remember I work up the morning of my wedding day, threw open the hotel room curtains, and what I saw was a torrential downpour.


According our wedding planner, there was a plan B. We would simply get married in one of the ballrooms, however you don’t fly all the way to St. Lucia and their gorgeous beaches to get married indoors. You go there for the beautiful photos of you on the sand with ocean in the background. It seems like we flew thousands of miles and spent a lot of money without getting what we actually came for.


It was the afternoon and it was still pouring down rain. I decided to just head to the salon my spa appointments, manicure, pedicure, hair, and makeup. All the prep work for the late afternoon wedding. Sitting in the pedicure chair, I’m sitting in front of a giant window just watching the rain pour down washing away our hopes of the perfect wedding we wanted.


By the time I was in the salon chair getting my hair done, the rain had stopped, there were itty bitty sun rays peaking through the clouds. Then suddenly my wedding planner appeared beside my salon chair saying she wanted to move up the time of the wedding because there was a break in the rain… sometimes you just have to stay flexible.


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P.S. The wedding turned out beautifully, click here to see a photo.


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