Style is … Time

Time. Style allows you to time travel because clothes captures your memories. These strips of cloth collect memories just as they collect sweat, dust grime, and traces of old perfumes.


There is the black dress that I wore to my grandfather’s funeral. There is the yellow dress I wore the night my husband got down on one knee and proposed. There is the navy and white jacket I wore to the job interview where I sat at a conference table and had to answer a rapid fire round of questions from all the male directors at the company.


Style not only allows you to time travel backwards through your memories. It can project you forward through time. There is the new bathing suit you can’t wait to wear on the beach during your upcoming vacation.  There is the dress you are going to wear after you lose five more pounds. And there is the maternity top, you know you will need 3 months from now.


It even has the power to slow down or freeze time. Do you remember what you were wearing when you first met your significant other? Do you remember what he was wearing?


It is amazing that these simple fabrics are capable of achieving time travel. Something that the greatest minds in Silicon Valley cannot do.


Follow along on our latest style web series “Style Rewind”. Let’s turn back the style clock and dust off these vintage pieces in your wardrobe. What is old is new again! Let’s get ready to travel back through time.


Happy Time Traveling.

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