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Style is Romantic.

You may be thinking why didn’t she write this blog post in February for Valentine’s Day? Well May is also a romantic time.

Spring is the time for flowers, birds singing, and bees buzzing which another way of saying love is in the air. You see it in the strangers making out on the park bench that make you want to yell out “Go get a room”. And, you see it in your friend’s social media feeds that contain pictures of their couples vacations.

Style is romantic for the simple fact that you dress differently for a first date or date night with your husband than you do to go pick out flowerpots at Home Depot. You dress differently because you want to feel more feminine or you are trying to elicit a particular response from your date.

In fact, I have a particular red dress that is a favorite go-to for dates (ok, I have many go-to red dresses, but that is between me, my overstuffed closet, and Mastercard).  We, as women, are accustomed to expecting a romantic evening and turning up the style, why don’t we do the inverse?

If we want to turn up the romance in our lives, why don’t we turn up our style? This is the subject of a very special video I’m offering called “Spring into Style: Go Get the Love You Want This Season”. It will be available with the launch of the Spring/Summer 2015 Style Recipe Cards collection.

So whether you need to find romance or turn up the romance in your life with your current partner, you can go get it!

How would you like to:

  • Discover kinky additions to your wardrobe that will make your man drool
  • Lock down his love with these accessories
  • Be sexy at every size. Curvy? Skinny? I’ve got you covered
  • 9 bedtime style suggestions that your guy will crave in bed
  • 15 wardrobe secrets to be “accidentally” sexy this spring and summer

All this and more will be covered in the video. To learn more about how to access this video, write us at









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