Style Sorority isn’t Kid Stuff

Style September 19, 2016


As a kid you can probably remember clubhouses and treehouses with secret passwords and knocks and signs that said “No Boys Allowed”. It was fun having your own group of friends and having your own space to hang out, have fun, and cause a little mischief.

This isn’t kid stuff. This is fun stuff. Style Sorority has officially launched. Former and current customers automatically receive a membership in Style Sorority.

To learn more about it, you can visit:

But where’s the fun, I mentioned fun at the beginning of this post.

To kick-off Style Sorority we will be having a rush week filled with all sorts of activities.

Rush Week will be Monday, August 5th – Friday, August 9th

Monday: Learn more about Style Sorority and take the official oath

Tuesday: Launch of the private Facebook Group – join us

Wednesday: Learn about the Sample Sale Day and watch for surprises in the Super Closet

Thursday: Learn what to look for in the mail

Friday: Party Time and the party theme is “Hawaiian Punch It Up” – watch your inbox for an evite to our online party

Style Sorority members can watch their inboxes for details.



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