Style Sorority

Join the Party

Welcome to the Style Sorority. There is only one way to join. Only one way in and one way out… a fight to the death in the circle of fire. Just kidding! If you have ever purchased a product or program from me, you are in the Style Sorority.

You have already started this journey to transform your style and you want a fun way to connect and keep the momentum going. You want to continue to hear style tips, outfit ideas, and be connected to people who are also interested in looking and feeling fabulous.

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Deepen your connections with other style seekers

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Get closer to your own personal expression of style

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Expand your world of style and get new ideas and new places to shop

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Beat your personal best and become more stylish than you have ever imagined

Trust me you want to be in the Style Sorority. Not only do we stay up late and braid each other’s hair in the spirit of sisterhood (not really), but you get some awesome benefits as well.

What's in

As a member of the Style Sorority you get:

  • Style Sorority – Newsletter

  • Join the private Facebook group

  • Invitation to the Annual Sample Sale Day for Style Sorority members only

  • Access to the Style Search Engine that allows you to search for outfit ideas (you will receive your password via email)

The last step

There is a only one thing left so you can become a full-fledged Style Sorority member. You have to take the oath. Raise your right hand and repeat the following:

“I of my own free will and accord, in the presence of these witnesses, do hereby solemnly declare that I was born fashionably in a birthday suit and I will live fashionably every day in every way and conduct myself in the high standards of the style principles taught to me… unless I feel the urge to put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt.”

You’ve joined the sisterhood.