High Street

Style Sorority November 3, 2017

If you asked a British woman where she got her dress, she might just answer “High Street”. It just simply means she got it on Main Street or at the mall. So when it came to naming the first tier of Style Sorority, I thought “High Street”.


With this first tier of Style Sorority, you get your very own login credentials to access the members only area of the website. You’ll also be able to:


  • Read up on helpful what to wear help and style advice when you gain access to the print newsletter archive
  • Catch up on the videos and free resources you may have missed when you access to the events archive
  • Look up the next thing you should look forward to when you receive full access to the comprehensive calendar of events, giveaways, tools, and resources to give you what to wear help for all areas of your life


A membership to the High Street tier of Style Sorority comes automatically with any purchase of a product, program or service. You’ll have the membership for life. It is like having a lifelong medical condition with a side effect of being continually stylish and causing innocent bystanders to give you compliments.


You will also get access to all of the other features available to all tiers:


  • Style Sorority – Newsletter
  • Join the private Facebook group
  • Invitation to the Annual Sample Sale Day for Style Sorority members only
  • Access to the Style Search Engine that allows you to search for outfit ideas (you will receive your password via email)
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