Uplift Your Wardrobe

Style October 28, 2017

We watch movies, binge watch TV shows, and browse through magazines and we see women immaculately dressed and stylish. You may even browse fashion blogs and see stylish women, perfectly posed and perfectly made up in beautiful locales like Maui, Beverly Hills and Costa Rica. The photos are stunning. They are works of art. And, they will absolutely take your breath away.


However, how does that make you feel? Do you think I’m not that size? I’m not that young? My passport is expired and I could never dress like that, look like that, or pose like that! And your breakfast and your outfit this morning could only be an Instagram post if it was accompanied by the hashtag #epicfail. Why does the fashion media make you feel like you never… measure up?


What if instead of making you feel like you could never measure up, it actually made you feel lifted up?


It is possible to uplift your wardrobe.


What if it actually helped to teach you what to wear and how to wear it? And, you could learn as much or as little as you like. Whether you need a little pick me up or a complete overhaul.


The touchstone of uplifting your wardrobe is going to be our style video series. Each series is designed to help you to start making small changes to your wardrobe. Whether it is learning how to sprinkle in some sexy, or how to use flex pieces, or where to shop to get deals. Small changes that add up to equal BIG results.


Your kids have Blues Clues and Sesame Street to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. And now you have your video style series to learn your A-line skirts, Ballet Flats, and Cashmere.


The purpose of the video series is:


  1. Educate you on what could work for your wardrobe
  2. Inspire you with ideas you can try out
  3. Give you a few laughs
  4. Open your mind and forget fashion rules you were wrongly taught (it’s like in the movie Matrix, “There is no spoon”)
  5. Make you feel like you can do it – you can be stylish!




Uplift your wardrobe,

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