What to Wear This Summer for Women Who Are Not a Size 0

What to Wear Articles June 4, 2014

Do you remember the hope filled anticipation of waiting for summer as a child? While summer does not hold quite the same allure, summer still holds the anticipation of having to shed some clothing and bare a little more skin. Here are the wardrobe essentials of what to wear this summer that will keep you cool and not require a 16-week starvation diet in order to wear them.

  • Denim cutoffs. If you were blessed with the legs of Daisy Duke, you can wear cutoff jean shorts that bare a lot of leg and a little bit of cheeks (not, the ones required for smiling). However, if you are less than sky high confident about your legs and thighs, there is another way to achieve a beach bum aesthetic. You can take a pair of your old jeans and strategically create holes and rips in them. You can take sand paper or a grater and rub it against your jeans to create the effect you want. You can create worn areas on your knees, calves, or on your back pockets (there is another layer denim underneath your back pocket, so you will have tears without showing any skin). You can also roll up the bottom of your jeans to achieve a more relaxed and casual look.
  • Skimpy tank tops. If you a size 0, you don’t mind wearing oversized tank tops that bare plenty of back, side, and show off a little of your bra. However, if you are a little more skin conscious, you can achieve the same look by layering tank tops. You can get an oversized and loose tank top that has a low back and stretched arm holes that would bare your bra for all to see. However instead of wearing it with just a bra underneath (or bikini top), wear another form fitting tank top underneath. This will allow you to cover up and create some interesting color combinations. Try a loose blue tank top with a form fitting yellow tank top underneath or a gray oversized tank top with a form fitting coral tank top underneath.
  • Short summer dresses. Your new BFF this summer should be the maxi dress. You can get them in the same fun colors, prints, and style and short summer dresses, but the maxi dresses extend all the way to the ground so you are plenty covered. Make sure to wear it with super cute sandals and a perfect pedicure at all times to make your maxi dress extra chic. This look will keep you cool, covered, and make you one of the most sought after girls of summer.

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