What to Wear to a Wedding – The Delicate Balance of Pretty, But Not Too Pretty

What to Wear Articles September 17, 2014

There are so few occasions that we get to dress up for: weddings, funerals, christening, court dates for speeding tickets (30 mph really does look like 80 mph when you are zipping by at high speeds). However, the wedding is its own unique animal because you have to look pretty, but not too pretty to upstage the bride. At a funeral, they don’t say, “Avoid wearing too much make-up because it will upstage the rosy cheeks brushed onto the corpse!”

Given this delicate balance, what is the appropriate thing to wear to a wedding? Your first clue will come from the invitation itself as the dress attire should be specified on the parchment. Nowadays, few nuptial events are black tie or the even more rare and elusive super formal white tie. For most of us mortals, the dress attire is semi-casual or cocktail.

  • When deciding what to wear to a wedding, a dress is the favorite option. You should opt for something slightly more dressy than a summer dress, even if it is a beach wedding. Again, the idea is not to steal focus from the bride so you want to avoid anything too low-cut, too form fitting, or so short that getting out of a vehicle will give Britney Spears a run for her money.
  • As for color palettes, it’s best to stick to “happier” colors and avoid darker colors such as black, dark brown, dark gray, or navy. If the wedding occurs in the evening, you can usually get away with wearing darker colors. Remember that no bride wants to see someone dressed like the Grim Reaper at her wedding.
  • To make the outfit more dressed up it is good to pair it with shoes that add some height so any high heel will do. For those of you not well practiced in walking in heels, opt for wedges or shorter kitten heels. For beach weddings, you can get a way with wearing dressy sandals.
  • As the evening wears on, you don’t want to just any jacket to throw over your dress as you party the night away with the hot groomsmen. A classy option is to have a scarf or shawl that can wrap around your shoulders in case you get chilled. Follow these guidelines on what to wear to a wedding and you will be the perfect wedding guest. You will be subtly beautiful, but not spotlight beautiful and will not end up “mysteriously absent” from the wedding album commemorating the event.
  • And last but not least, should you wear white to a wedding? Only if the bride is marrying your ex, then it is perfectly appropriate to steal her thunder. You might also want to practice a well-timed cough for when the officiant says, “If anyone objects to this wedding…”

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