What to Wear With Wedges for a Body Slimming Effect

What to Wear Articles July 1, 2014

There are the graceful ballerinas of the world – those women get to wear sky high stilettos. Then there are the gracefully-challenged of the world – these women know the true meaning of the words “Face Plant”. For these women, there are wedges. These shoes give you the benefit of stilettos – the height, an instant butt lift, calf enhancement, but none of the wobble. Given the fact that wedges have reduced insurance claims all across the country. How can one take full advantage of these miracle shoes and what to wear with wedges?

    • Because wedges are so body enhancing, they are great to wear with anything that shows off a little leg. Skirts and dresses are perfect complements for wedges, especially in the spring and summer when there are many espadrille styles that add a relaxed vibe to a summer outfit. For the office, there are now office appropriate wedges available. Try wearing these styles to the office instead of heels with your skirts and dresses. Your feet and podiatrist will be grateful for the respite from heels.
    • If you have the legs for it, wedges go great with shorts. You can wear them with extra short Daisy Dukes or longer city shorts. The wedges give you the leg lengthening look without looking like you are trying too hard with heels. The wedges will also give you greater mobility so you can chase down cabs or chase down toddlers in your stylish shorts and wedges.
    • Wedges are also great options for wearing capri pants or the ultra stylish cropped pants. Showing off the little bit of ankle becomes ultra sexy when paired with some platform wedges. For women that may be a little less than confident about their legs, this is a way to show very little leg and still let the wedge work its body slimming magic.
    • The last super chic option for wedges is pairing them with floor skimming wide leg pants. This look is very bohemian chic and a throw back to previous decades. The wide leg pants can be dress pants or a pair of wide leg jeans. The key to making this look work is that the pants must go to the very bottom of your shoe, so that people only get a glimpse of the wedge will you are walking or when you sit down.

Wedges are very versatile. For most of your outfits, you can swap out your heels for a pair wedges as they are now available in many different styles. With their body slimming capabilities they are a wonderful addition to almost any woman’s wardrobe. If you are one of the many gracefully-challenged women of the world, then wedges are almost a requirement. Your weak ankles, insurance policy, and dignity will be glad that you know what to wear with wedges.

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