Are You Facing an Impossible Battle against Your Hips?

What to Wear Articles July 28, 2017

It was a different time then. A time when “She has some meat on her bones” was a compliment. You know, before having thigh gap and being built like a ten-year-old boy became the epitome of sexy. Now, having some hips can make shopping a psychopathic head game meant to break your will. (I mean, why is a size 4 the equivalent of a size 8 at some stores? Are they trying to cause you have a breakdown in the middle of Nordstrom?) However, in order to stop facing the impossible battle against your hips, we must harken back to fashion from the era where women were praised for meat on their bones. We need to bring back the circle skirt. That is the answer for what skirt to wear with wide hips.

The circle skirt is a thing of genius because it creates an A-line silhouette. That silhouette will always be the answer for what skirt to wear with wide hips. It easily and gently floats over your hips instead of clinging and helps to create an hourglass body shape. If you are unsure of what a circle skirt is, think of Sandra Dee in the movie Grease. You know, before she sluts it up in her all-black outfit at the end of the movie. However, this isn’t the 1950s, so your skirt lengths can vary a little. You can go from above the knee to a midi length for your circle skirt.

The circle skirt is also very feminine not only for the hourglass body shape it helps to create, but also because of the movement. The circle skirt flows when you walk, and it twirls when you turn around. Creating movement in an outfit is what enables you to catch people’s eye as you walk down the sidewalk or down the corridor in your office building. This skirt is what skirt to wear with wide hips because it allows you to show them off as you sashay around town.

It can be made sexy by pairing it with a spaghetti strap tank top and heels. Or you can make it preppy with a button-down blouse for a work look. Or you can wear it with a sweater when you need to feel warm and cozy. Pair a circle skirt with a graphic t-shirt to create a sassy and trendy look. The outfit options for this skirt are endless, and you’ll never tire of finding more inventive ways to wear this figure-flattering skirt.

You can keep on eating your meat and potatoes, your fried chicken and collard greens, or your enchiladas with rice and beans. You need to keep that meat on your bones; otherwise, you won’t have the body shape to really leverage the power of the circle skirt. It is the only weapon you’ll need in the now winnable battle against your hips.


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