Weather the Divorce Storm in Comfort and Style

What to Wear Articles July 14, 2017

Going through a breakup or divorce can wear on you. Sometimes, you just want to throw on some sweats and pajamas, grab a pint of ice cream, and yell at Netflix for not having a romantic breakup category so you can cry into your Ben and Jerry’s to make the world’s worst ice cream flavor, Salty Chocolate Cherry Garcia.

While everyone is telling you to hop back on the horse or go out and catch the other fish in the sea, all you want to do wallow. You should not worry about what to wear after a divorce. But why not make your skin feel good while you are at it? Do you know there is such a thing as cashmere sweatpants and tracksuits? It is like peanut butter met chocolate or a Moscato breakfast smoothie—almost too good to be true. You can try brands like Ugg and Tory Sport, which is the sporty division of the Tory Burch brand.

You’ll feel like a million bucks while you are yelling at the male actor to follow the lead actress to the airport in the Nicholas Sparks movie.

If you are a more of a pajama connoisseur and prefer to wallow in the clothes that you put on twelve hours to go to bed, you also have luxurious options that will make you feel like you are wearing a cloud as you chip a tooth trying to pull the cork out of a wine bottle. There are so many places to get gorgeous silk pajamas, such as La Perla. (Did you know they also had pajamas?) There are also the brands F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers) or Olivia Von Halle. With the price of some of those pajamas, you are simply recouping your investment by wearing them during daylight hours.

By the way, the above style advice not only applies to what to wear after a divorce, but also applies to the following situations:

  • You lost your job.
  • Your goldfish died.
  • You had a bad hair day caused by an outrageous amount of fog.
  • You are at home “sick” from work.
  • Your favorite TV show just finished the season finale and you now have to wait months to watch the next season.
  • A rainy day when you just want to feel warm and snuggly.

You can also replace ice cream with:

  • A whole pie
  • A whole cake
  • A rack of ribs
  • Any bag of potato chips (family size)

Face it. Sometimes, you need to hit rock bottom to know that it is time to swim back up to the top. And if my rock bottom is a cashmere track suit and a family-size of bag of Doritos, so be it. And if I decide that what to wear after a divorce is cashmere and I am wearing cashmere at rock bottom, then watch out because when I am back on top, I am going to be fly as hell!

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