What to Watch for When You Sweat It Out on Stage

What to Wear Articles June 30, 2017

You’ve been hired to speak on stage, and you’re worried that your talk will be remembered more for your sweat stains than your words. There are some wardrobe tricks to help you appear as one cool chic when you are giving your talk so that even the adrenaline, nerves, summer heat, and lights will not show all the sweat equity you’ve put into your speaking career. You need to know what to wear for a professional speaker to hide your sweat on stage.

The first trick to watch for is the fabric that you wear. Silk will only exaggerate sweat stains; you may have firsthand experience with this. You returned home or to your hotel room and were grossed out by your own stains and are ashamed even to take it to the dry cleaners for fear of judgment as they say, “I did not know human beings could sweat this much.” So avoid silk tops and dresses for any talks you have to do under hot lights. Instead, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton. Linen is also breathable but wrinkles far too easily. Any sort of open knit will also work.

If you need tricks of what to wear for a professional speaker, then sweat pads are also a trick you can use and watch out for when making your packing list. They have sweat pads that you can wear under your bra or under your armpit. There are many manufacturers of these products, and any Google or Amazon search will return numerous results for these products. You should try out these pads before your big talk to see if they deliver the desired results for you. When you have a speaking gig, just add these items to your packing checklist. And if you ever forget to pack them, I’ve heard that panty liners can be a last-resort substitute, but you will want to check for bunching under your clothing if you use that option.

And last but not least, if you are a naturally sweaty person, you should opt for darker colors. It’s generally not a good idea to wear dark colors in hot weather; however, darker colors will not show the sweat as easily. This does not mean you have to wear black to every event so that your speaking nickname becomes The Undertaker. Instead, you can wear dark purples, deep reds, and navy blues.

If you run hot, it is definitely going to impact your speaking wardrobe, but you have options. You can choose your fabrics wisely, try sweat pads, or wear dark colors. Just because you sweat a little (or a lot) does not mean you have to throw in the towel on your speaking career. You just needed to know what to wear for a professional speaker.


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