This Dress is Your Happy Place: Instant Style Bliss Anytime, Anywhere

What to Wear Articles August 11, 2017

So you have a speaking engagement? Or a presentation to give at work? When you are not totally freaking out about it, you have moments of panic as you realize you don’t know what to wear for a speaking engagement. Should you wear a dress? Should you wear pants? Your thoughts are spinning, and you realize that you need to get to your happy place so that you can modify your talk and adjust your PowerPoint slides. You know, your happy place, where everything is beautiful and calm. It is the place you go to before you step in front of an audience to deliver your talk.

You also have a style happy place, and you can visit it anytime and anywhere. Your instant style bliss can be achieved by wearing a shift dress. You might have been expecting a more complicated process that involved hypnosis, a success coach, or, at the very least, a $5,000 gift card to Neiman Marcus. In actuality, you can probably procure a shift dress for under $50. Or maybe you already have a shift dress hanging in your closet that is totally flying under the radar.

So why is a shift dress the answer to your speaking engagement outfit ponderings? A shift dress is a short, sleeveless dress that essentially hangs from your shoulders. You don’t need to put on two pairs of spanks to wear them or do 1,000 crunches in your hotel room before you speak. It is feminine without really showcasing the feminine silhouette. It allows you to move freely. You don’t have to worry about a bulge or fabric showcasing all of your sweat because it is clinging to your body. These are things you do not have to worry about when you are about to speak in front of an audience.

If the sleeveless aspect of the dress does not appeal to you, you can add a jacket or a cardigan. If the showcasing your legs aspect does not appeal to you, you can add some fun tights. You don’t like wearing heels? Fine, wear the dress with boots. There are an infinite number of ways to style this so that you feel comfortable.

When you are wondering what to wear for a speaking engagement, choose a shift dress. You’ll wear it the first time and be so happy that you’ll return home and start buying up shift dresses online like they are going to be the new currency after the zombie apocalypse. Remember, instant style bliss is available anytime, anywhere. It is only a dress away, so shift into style bliss.


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