9 Things Really Successful Real Estate Professionals Refuse to Do

Business What to Wear Articles September 21, 2018

It is fun to have role models. It is like playing follow the leader as a child. You just do what your role model does and you will be successful. However, if that is all you focus on, you are only getting part of the full picture. You also must look at what they refuse to do. What they say no to is as important as what they say yes to. There are nine things really successful real estate professionals refuse to do, and four of them have to do with what to wear if you are a real estate professional.


  1. Wear gray to work. The color gray is shown to cause people to be uninvolved and passive and have a lack of energy. None of those are adjectives that would describe success.
  2. Not sweat the details. They know it is popular, and there is even a book titled Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. But successful real estate professionals care about the details and obsess about them. You can learn more about that in this white paper.
  3. Refuse to share. Sharing is the new marketing. Sharing your resources and vendors is what can set you apart from others in your competitive space.
  4. Wear gray in professional headshots that are used in marketing materials. The most popular colors that successful real estate professional women wear in their photos are black, black and ivory, ivory, blue, and red. To learn more, you can read this white paper on the subject.
  5. Not care about first impressions. They realize that first impressions are their paychecks, and they pay particular importance to them. All you have to do is watch any real estate-related show on Bravo.
  6. Refuse to wear earrings. In fact, 64% of successful real estate professionals wear earrings in their professional headshots. This topic is also covered in Day 4 of the monthly webinar, From Frumpy to Fabulous in 5 Days.
  7. Not wear a jacket. A total of 56% of successful female real estate professionals wear jackets in their professional marketing photos. Again, this topic is covered in depth on Day 1 of the on-demand monthly webinar.
  8. Wait to take action. A successful real estate professional is very involved, active, and has an abundance of energy. Success professionals have a bias toward action.
  9. Don’t have a brand.The successful female real estate professionals understand the importance of a brand to differentiate themselves, and they refuse to move through their careers and their geographic market without branding. The brand also influences what to wear if you are a real estate professional.




Source: Science of People, https://www.scienceofpeople.com/color-psychology/


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