Booker vs. Your Media Kit: What You Need to Book That Gig

What to Wear Articles June 29, 2018

In the battle of the booker versus your media kit, your media kit needs to win so you can get that speaking gig. However, you may not know what to wear in your media kit in order to win that battle.


First and foremost, you need a picture of yourself—not a picture of yourself that was cropped from a family photo taken at Disneyland (although some people may mistakenly think you are a thrill seeker with the Matterhorn in the background). You need a professional photo—you know, one taken by an actual photographer (photo booths don’t count). And yes, you may even have to pay for the photo unless you have a photographer friend or family member.


I’ve convinced you that you need a photo. Next, you must decide what to wear in your media kit, which includes the clothing you should actually be wearing in the photo. Oh yes, you have to think about this, too.


If you could take all the bad media kit photos and put them online, it would be the largest but least-visited Instagram profile of all time. So many bad ones are out there, but you will not fall into that trap.


You may want to think, “Well, I’ll get up the morning of my photos and just wear whatever is clean.” Resist that urge to take the easy way out. Resist the urge to have a media kit photo that makes the book put you in the maybe pile. You want to be in the yes pile, and it’s even better if you can make it into the “Hell yes!” pile.


What gets you into that maybe pile is when you decide to plain jane it. (“Well, this is okay. This looks fine. There is nothing wrong with it…”) Well, there is nothing right with it, either. Wear something you are excited to wear. Wear something that if someone is looking through media kits, it will make them pause and think, “This is different.”



What to wear in your media kit is first grounded in colors. And your colors are going to be dependent on your brand, your hair color, and your eye color. Color is the easiest way to catch someone’s eye. However, black and white can look gorgeous as well. Just know that most of the other people will be wearing black.



I talk about this often because this is an area where most people fall short. They don’t pay attention to all the little details that add up to wow. You can learn more about the importance of details in this video.



In your media kit, you will need other things, like recent press releases, a letter of introduction, and video or audio clips. But the first thing the eye will be drawn towards is your photo and it may be deciding factor that determines the success of your media kit. Will your media kit deliver a winning punch that gets you a gig? Or will your media kit get tossed out and you don’t even get the chance to compete?

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