Wearing All Black Only Gets You a Prescription for Prozac

What to Wear Articles November 27, 2012

Wearing all black is considered chic, sophisticated, and slimming. Yes, a great all black outfit can be all of those things, but can easily become a crutch. Wearing all black all the time, will have your coworkers stopping by your cubicle and asking in a gentle voice, “Are you all right?”. You may also notice that cards for therapists appearing on the windshield of your car and sharp objects being removed from your desk at the office. These are all not so subtle hints that you need to find answers to what to wear instead of wearing all black.

Wearing all black can be very sophisticated, like a black and white photograph. There are other ways to have magnificent monochromatic style, without everyone thinking you need a prescription for Prozac. The sophisticated way is to do it by introducing other sophisticated and neutral colors such as navy, gray, tan, or brown.

Now you’re thinking isn’t wearing head to toe gray going to be even gloomier than wearing head-to-toe black? Not if you do it right. There are several ways to mix it up to still make it sophisticated and chic.

Here is what to wear instead of wearing all black:
  1. Fabrics. This is the easiest way to mix it up. For example, it would be gloomy if you wore a pair of gray pants with a gray cotton button-up blouse. However, what if instead of the gray cotton button-up blouse, you wear it with a gray lace top with a gray tank top underneath. The mix of fabrics makes the outfit much more appealing and sophisticated. So if you must wear all black at least mix up the fabrics.
  2. Prints. Wear with a print like this to bring in a little more diversity to the outfit
  3. Mix casual and dressy. For example, take a gray pants suit and pair it with a gray t-shirt or take a dressy gray top and pair with gray shorts and sandals.
  4. Accessories. This is fun. Take your gray dress pants and pair them with a silk gray tank top and a multi-strand gray pearl necklace.

Black is slimming. Black is sophisticated. Wearing all black all the time will get you street cred with the local goth kids at the local high school. If you like the monochromatic look, there are other ways to execute it by using the palettes of navy, gray, tan, and brown. Use these colors and skip the Prozac.

Black slip dress with black lace inserts - what to wear instead of wearing all black - a dress with lace inserts


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