What to Wear on a First Date to Guarantee a Second Date

What to Wear Articles March 20, 2015

We’ve all watched enough Rom Coms and CW TV shows to realize that the first date is very, very important. We all know that if this dating equivalent of a first impression goes awry then the rest of the plot/relationship quickly unravels. Given the fact that there is so much riding on this single event, it is important to address the chief concern of single women everywhere…what to wear on a first date…so you can get to the second date.

The way to guarantee a second date is to add a touch of glamour. We have all heard the urban legend that men want a tomboy. They want this mythical woman that is one of the guys that can talk sports and drink beer with the best of them. Is that why the Victoria Secret models are in baseball caps and reciting quarterback completion stats as they strut down the runway? Of course not, there are very feminine with hair flowing, full makeup, and only have their nether regions covered in sexy black lace.

You do not need strut into seven o’clock showing of the most recent superhero blockbuster with gigantic angel wings and 6-inch heels (at the very least, the patrons behind you will complain about not being able to see the screen), There are more subtle ways to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. All you need is one extremely glamorous piece:

  • Shoes – Even if you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, you can add glamour by wearing high heels, or wearing shoes in an unusual print or fabric. You may even want to wear your outfit with a pair of sexy boots.
  • Necklace – You can where an extremely diva-fied statement necklace or subtler long necklace that has an unusual pendant that would spark a conversation.
  • Handbag – Glamorize your outfit with a handbag that will have all the women within a 20-foot radius drooling. This can be accomplished by having a handbag that adds a pop of color or is made of some exotic fabric.
  • Pants – Instead of wearing everyday jeans or standard issue black leggings, what about colored denim or leather leggings.
  • Earrings – Instead of naked ears, what about something that moves and sparkles as you tilt head or flip your hair over shoulder.
  • Tops – Instead of a regular shirt, think luxury. Do you have silk, satin, sequins, or lace? Remember think feminine.

Assuming you are headed out for the traditional first date which encompasses dinner and a movie, there are many alternatives in deciding what to wear on a first date. A tried and true formula is jeans, a cool t-shirt, and a really hot pair of shoes. For simplicity sake, just choose one item to glamorize your outfit (like shoes), otherwise your Rom Com worthy first date will overwhelm him and quickly turn into how to lose a guy in 10 days.

♥ AJ

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