VIDEO: Weather Your Wardrobe – 1 – Rain

Weather Your Wardrobe – 1 – Rain – What to Wear on a Rainy Day

This style series is called, Weather Your Wardrobe, and you will learn how to stylishly weather any storm or any other weather pattern with the style tips featured in this series. This first episode is all about what to wear on a rainy day.

This episode will show you how to adjust your outfit for rain:

  • Learn how women from all across the country inspired this series
  • Discover the steps you take to adjust your outfit based on the weather
  • See all the “bold” options for galoshes (starts at 4:19 in the video)
  • Follow these tips and your forecast will be stylish with a chance of sprinkling compliments

Use this link to download the Closet Hangers:


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