What to Wear to a Christening – Be Soft, Demure, and Ladylike

What to Wear Articles July 7, 2015

Whether you are currently having kids or you have reached the age where everyone around you is having kids, you soon realize that there are so many more events to attend. Very quickly you find your calendar filling up and your bank account running low as you are promising Babies R’ Us your first born in exchange for the very pricey stroller that you need to purchase for your sister-in-law. There are the baby showers, the birthday parties, and of course the christenings. Luckily the christening does not involve more gifts (sometimes), but you do need a pretty outfit to wear to the church. Maybe you can promise a department store your second born child in exchange for an elegant pants suit?


A christening is not the place to break out an extra fierce dress that would be the hit the club. It is the time to be soft, demure, and ladylike. Save the cursing, smoking, and pulling out your wedgie for the church parking lot. So what do you wear to be soft, demure, and ladylike.


• Be soft. You can be soft by wearing soft colors. Think of baby shower colors: white, ivory, pastel blue, pink, yellow, or green. Look for outfits that include these colors. Another option is to wear very delicate and soft prints to show off your feminine and soft side. You can wear more classic colors such as gray or navy, although a christening is a happy occasion and your color palette should reflect that reality.

• Be demure. In case you don’t have access to a dictionary, demure is the opposite of slutty, which means cover up midriff, cleavage, and upper thigh. You don’t want to have little Bobby look at his baby book when he is a teenager and be turned on by your picture. Teenage Bobby should look at his christening photos and think, “Hey isn’t that Aunt Debbie? She looks classy. Didn’t she promise her first born to Babies R’ Us so that I could have a stroller?”

• Be ladylike. The easiest way to do this is with conservative and ladylike accessories like a small clutch purse or a pearl jewelry. This does not have to be your grandmother’s pearl jewelry. You can take multiple pearl necklaces and tie them together with a delicate ribbon that hangs down your back. You also want to avoid sky high boots and heels as these may come across as too sexy for the event.


Be soft, be demure, and be ladylike when determining what to wear to a christening. These pictures will be memorialized forever. Don’t be the person they have to crop out of the picture because of the burlesque-style bustier you wore to the christening.


♥ AJ

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