Style is… Security

Style is… Cute Outfits December 4, 2017

What to Wear to a Party - Monique Lhuillier black cocktail dress and babies with security blankets

Style is… security. Think of the last time you were thinking about what to wear to a party and you chose to wear something that made you feel insecure. You were probably nervous and anxious about going. Were you triple checking yourself in the mirror? Fidgeting by pulling down your clothes, making sure you were sucking in your stomach the entire time, and overall not enjoying yourself at the party? You may have even drunk a little more vino in order to compensate for your insecurity… and we all know where that leads. Your drunk dancing because the next meme circulating the internet.

Contrast that to an event you attended where you felt fully yourself. You knew what to wear to a party that would make you feel comfortable. You were probably completely relaxed and you could enjoy yourself. That was last weekend, when I wore a Monique Lhuillier black cocktail dress named Broken Glass. I was not worried about not fitting in. Not worried about being inappropriately dressed. I felt 100% me.

And that it what great style can do, it can offer you a sense of security in life’s moments where you could feel uncertain and socially awkward. Sometimes a designer dress works better than a security blanket you had when you were little. Something you can duck behind and be comforted.

Great style can be your security on a job interview or a blind date or when you have to go to a networking event and “work the room”.

One of the easiest ways to feel that security is with a designer piece of clothing. A regular little black dress could have served me just as well at the event. But the fact that it was Monique Lhuillier and had a little oomph to it added to my sense of security.


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