Here’s What to Expect When You End Your Wardrobe Boredom

What to Wear Articles January 12, 2018

Side effects include euphoria, allergy to your snooze button, and facial muscle tenderness from smiling too much. Can you handle these side effects? So, what to wear to end wardrobe boredom?


If you are currently bored with your wardrobe, the side effects listed above are foreign to you. Instead, you experience lethargy, irritableness, and a dullness that is on the same level as watching paint dry. In fact, how would you currently rate your boredom with your wardrobe on the following scale?


  1. Not bored at all
  2. Not excited to get dressed
  3. Audible sigh whenever I open my closet
  4. My closet is like Ambien. I no longer need a prescription; I just open it when I need to get sleepy.
  5. Can I just become a nudist? Then, I won’t ever have to worry about clothes.


If you answered b through e, there are definite steps you can take to end your wardrobe boredom. There are some specific pieces you can inject into your wardrobe to add some fun, some boldness, and some personality. So while most of your wardrobe looks cloudy, you’ve got little rays of sunshine sprinkled in.


If you want to know what to wear to end your wardrobe boredom, there are five pieces I would recommend. These are a certain skirt, a special t-shirt, an animal print, a style of jeans, and a certain color shoe. These pieces are detailed in our video style series, End Wardrobe Boredom.


When you start adding and wearing these items, expect to feel a sense of euphoria as you shop for these bold pieces. Just shopping for these pieces will inject some excitement into your life. You will also feel a sense of joy as you leap out of bed in the morning to wear your new outfit for the first time, and it will be much harder to hit the snooze button. And finally, expect your face muscles to contract into this weird phenomenon called a smile when you receive your first compliment on your new outfit.


If you want to know what to wear to end your wardrobe boredom, you will definitely want to follow our video style series. I promise it is so much easier than becoming a nudist, and it is so much more fun. (Okay, maybe it’s not more fun than becoming a nudist, but unlike becoming a nudist, you will still receive invites to social gatherings.)

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