Don’t Sabotage Your Dating Life: The Secret to Sex Appeal for the Divorcee

What to Wear Articles February 10, 2017

Your divorce is now final, and you now find yourself wanting to know how many glasses of wine you must consume to work up the courage to create your online dating profile. Are you still desirable? Will someone still find you sexy? Do you even know how to dress sexy? Does a look at your closet reveal that you have all the sex appeal of Martha Stewart (no offense to Martha—we love her)? What to wear to have sex appeal again?

If you now find yourself checking the single and divorced box, then let’s get some sex appeal in your wardrobe so you can check the “in a relationship” or “married” box again.

What to wear to have sex appeal again


First things first—we need to bring the interesting back to your wardrobe. You need to venture to other areas of the store and go shopping in stores you’ve never considered before. You need to launch yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t completely ignore tops with short sleeves or that are sleeveless. You can add a jacket or cardigan to cover up your arms. You can wear a tank top that says, “Feed me tacos & tell me I’m pretty.” Get funny tops. Get sassy tops. Get tops that have attitude. Get anything but boring—boring is not sexy.

Bring back girly fabrics


Secondly, your wardrobe needs to have fabrics that say, “I’m a girl.” You walk into a Victoria’s Secret, and there is lace and satin and sheer and lace with girly and sexy fabrics. You need things you have to use the delicate cycle on the washing machine for. For a date, you can show up with a white t-shirt and jeans, or you can show up with a sheer white top and jeans. One is just sexier (it is the sheer white top for those of you that may be slower on the uptake). The sexier and girlies fabrics are an easy way answer to what to wear to have sex appeal post-divorce or just to start lining up more dates.

Create an hourglass silhouette


And lastly, you need to create more of an hourglass silhouette. Even if you don’t have one, there are ways to fake it. And the instrument used in this illusion is a belt. An hourglass figure is sexy. Even if you don’t have one, you can look like you have one by using more belts. It is a fairly easy style makeover secret. Can you belt your cardigan or jacket? Could you add a belt to a dress? Can you add a wide belt to a tucked-in blouse and a skirt for a work look? Who knows? You may meet someone through your workplace (many of your colleagues are probably already trying to fix you up on a blind date).

So make these changes so that your wardrobe will start to look more Mary J. Blige than Martha Stewart and you can bring some sex appeal to your newly single status. Even if you aren’t ready to start dating right away, you need get your confidence up and start feeling sexy again. These sexy changes to your wardrobe are a great way to start feeling feminine again, and your wardrobe won’t be conspiring against you when you dive back into the dating pool.


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