You’re Not a Plain Jane – His Parents Should be Thrilled

What to Wear Articles June 15, 2018

When you first start dating someone, meeting the parents for the first time is a big step. You wonder if they will like you. You wonder if they are going to be slightly crazy, or maybe they used to work for the CIA and have a lie detector hooked up in the basement. And of course, you wonder about what to wear to meet the parents.


You want to look nice, you want to look put together, and you want the parents to think, “She’s a catch!” But you don’t want to look too sexy or too high maintenance. But you also want to be yourself; you don’t want to misrepresent yourself. You want them to like and accept the real you. With all of these conflicting objectives, what is a gal to do?


In this article, you will not find the perfect outfit to wear. But for whatever outfit you choose, you can learn how to make it the perfect choice. That is the answer for what to wear to meet the parents. We just have to take you from being dressed to being well dressed, and we are going to do that with accessories. These little touches done in the right way will communicate volumes.


For this meet-the-parents wardrobe plan, you are going to aim for three accessories. One of those will be earrings, and depending on your personality and what you are wearing, they can be simple studs, large hoop earrings, or statement earrings. If you do statement earrings, remember that your other accessories need to be smaller.


I usually prefer either a necklace or a bracelet but not both. That is just my personal preference, but by no means is that a hard and fast rule. So here are some of the options:


  • Necklace and a watch
  • Watch and a bracelet
  • Necklace and a ring
  • Bracelet and a ring


The options listed above will be the easiest combinations. But there are many other accessories you could choose, such as a brooch or scarf. In warmer weather, you could choose an ankle bracelet or a toe ring. But remember that your aim is three accessories.


Become an expert in accessories and you can go from dressed to well dressed so that no matter what you settle on for meeting the parents, they will be thrilled to meet you because you are not a plain Jane. You are well dresses and seem to be the perfect match for their child.

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