How Important Is the Color of Your Workout Clothes to Your Workout?

What to Wear Articles July 27, 2018

My toe hurts! All my gym clothes are dirty! I think that was a UFO I just saw in the sky! If aliens are coming, I don’t need to do crunches. It is so easy to come up with excuses for not to go to the gym. Therefore, we need every possible tool at our disposable to help keep us motivated and ready to hop on the treadmill or bike or at least get our card swiped at the gym. Your decision about what to wear to the gym may be making it easier to throw in the towel on gym day.


What you wear to the gym can either help motivate you or make you want to spend your entire gym time in the sauna. If putting on pajamas can help signal to your brain that it is time for sleep, then putting on gym clothes can help signal to your brain that it is time to work out.


However, even if you are wearing the right gym clothes, you might be wearing a color that is sending the wrong signal to your brain. Recent research on how color affects your mood has some interesting insights that can transform your workout and make you renounce your crown as the Queen of Excuses.


For a workout, you would want a color that has an energizing effect. Orange is found to be the color for stimulation and enthusiasm. It has been shown to have actual physiological effects, such as increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulating brain activity. Overall, orange produces an energizing effect, which that is exactly what you need when going to the gym seems as likely as you going to the moon.


You don’t have to be dressed head to toe in orange or get mistaken for the Great Pumpkin. You can find little touches of orange to help get your blood pumping and bring joy to your workout.


The next time you wake up on a morning that you are supposed to go to the gym, before you feel your forehead to check if you have a slight temperature to see if you can blow off your workout, place your workout clothes within your line of sight. You’ll see your orange hoodie, and maybe you’ll be more motivated to get up. You might also find that you run further, jump higher, or hold that yoga position a little longer when you are wearing orange. Your decision about what to wear to the gym is not final until you have asked, “How can I add some orange to this outfit?”




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