Reality Check! Decode the Wardrobe Turn-Offs for Men

What to Wear Articles August 10, 2016

Sometimes, it can seem like men and women simply speak different languages. So often, it seems like we are getting mixed messages. Men say they like the natural look, but actually, what turns their head is the woman with flawless makeup. So what really are men’s turn-offs? What to wear to turn-off men, this exact question was asked to men on Reddit and resulted in some very interesting responses and conversations.


Turn-Off #1: Uggs.

I know it is almost sacrilegious. How dare they complain about the shoes that bring so much joy and comfort to households everywhere? Are our feet supposed to remain naked as we cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie or when we make a last-minute trip to the grocery store because we are out of kale (or wine… same difference)? The truth is that if you are trying to catch his eye, leave the Uggs at home.


Turn-Off #2: Sweatpants with sayings on the butt.

Good Lord, is nothing sacred? First, the Uggs and now the sweatpants. But having a saying on the butt is cute and sassy. Having “Pink” or “Angel” on your Victoria’s Secret sweats makes them sexy, right? That’s why all the models in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show wear… oh, right. According to our GPS, the point was just driven home. Sweatpants, even Victoria’s Secret sweatpants, are not sexy. So if you are trying to turn-off someone of the male persuasion, wear both Uggs and sweatpants with words on the butt.


Turn-Off #3: Clothes that don’t fit.

I know this just ruined your awesome plan for Sunday night: binge watching Netflix in your Uggs and sweatpants while wearing your ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt. However, this turn-off goes both ways. It not only applies to clothes that are too big but also clothes that are two small. You’ve seen the girls in the toddler-sized shirts stretched to capacity. Too-small arm holes that make your bicep bulge and too-small pants that result in muffin tops are also turn-offs. This is just not a top of the list item for the what to wear to turn-off men list; it also turns the stomach of anyone looking at it, although you do develop a hankering for a blueberry muffin.


Your role as a woman is not meant to simply be eye candy for men by being perfectly coiffed, made-up, and sexy 24 hours a day. You are much more than just your outer appearance. Please feel free to indulge in your Uggs, sweatpants, and ill-fitting clothes all you want. However, if you are trying to spark a little more sexy time in your relationship, from time to time, you may want to dial back on the three what to wear to turn-off men items mentioned in this article. And if you are trying to catch the eye of a very sexy neighbor, change into some jeans and at the very least some flip-flops when you go to take out the trash.

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