Here’s What You Need to Know About Exercise Equipment and Your Workout Fashion Choices

What to Wear Articles November 16, 2016

You’ve decided to tone up and finally embrace an exercise routine that you will actually stick with. Are you going to use the treadmill, work out with a DVD at home, hop on a stationary bike, take a barre class, hike the great outdoors or go full yogi and test your flexibility? Once you have decided on your exercise equipment, the next question is what to wear to workout? Your workout fashion choices can impact your motivation and persistence to continue with working with your chosen exercise equipment.


The treadmill:

If you are one of the queens of the treadmill, show off your royalty status by wearing a delicate necklace with your workout gear. It will be an homage to the amazing championship runner Flo-Jo who dared to look fabulous even while running. The necklace is delicate enough that it will not irritate you by bouncing up and down but has just enough femininity to keep all eyes ogling you in the cardio equipment area of the gym. You’ll start looking towards your accessories for ideas for what to wear to workout.


The DVD player:

If you are one of the women who have decided to bypass the gym altogether and just work out at home, you may be thinking, “Why can’t I do my barre workout in my pajamas? No one is going to see me.” Well, the first reason you do not want to become the pajama workout bandit is that changing into workout gear becomes almost a ritual and a signal to your body to get ready to work out. The second reason is that if you go and buy cute workout outfits for exercise, it will motivate you to get dressed in them. Then, that muscle memory will kick in, and your workouts can become almost like auto-pilot for you.


The stationary bike:

Show off your stamina in a pair of colorful print leggings. Watch people become hypnotized by the revolutions of your leg. When you start to get winded and look down at your legs. The bright, playful colors will put a smile on your face and propel you to do a few more miles. With the form-fitting leggings, you will not have to worry about your pants interfering with your pedaling.


The hiking trail:

It is all about the sneakers. Instead of hiking in whatever old shoes you have, splurge and get some stylish options. You can get more stylish shoes like you are an up-and-coming celebrity actress who was “accidentally” spotted hiking Runyon Canyon in L.A. Consider hiking sneakers in bright colors to stand out amongst the earthy tones of the outdoors.


The yoga mat:

The yoga mat is all about the right yoga pants. Should your yoga pants match your yoga mat? Absolutely not. You don’t want your legs to blend into the yoga mat and the instructor continually coming over to correct you. You don’t want to go to yoga class in a solid red outfit and a matching red yoga mat. You’ll look like a gigantic fire hydrant in the middle of the yoga class and disrupt the chi of the other students in the class.

If you need to know what to wear to workout, a better option is to have a certain color palette that you mix and match. For example, buy 3 capri yoga pants, 3 tank tops, and 3 sports bras with one in each color: salmon, light blue, and white. So for example, one outfit would be light blue capri yoga pants, a loose white tank top, and a salmon-colored sports bra. Play around with mixing and matching the different colors.


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Is this the answer to standing out in a crowd? Are you courageous enough to implement the secret style trick on Day 2 and let go of your wallflower status?


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