Don’t Crash and Burn at Your Next Open House

What to Wear Articles June 1, 2018

The costume designer Colleen Atwood said, “Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth—it really does establish who they are.”


This is true whether it is the first time a character walks onto the a stage, the first time a character appears on screen, or when a potential buyer sees you for the first time at an open house.


You don’t want to crash and burn at your next open house, so that means you have to make a fabulous first impression that establishes your character. There are three pillars you have to cover when deciding what to wear to your open house:


  1. You need to look professional. Prospective buyers and their agents should know you are the agent putting on the open house. You need to look professional. (Remember, professional does not always have to mean a suit.)
  2. Anything but a plain Jane. You want to stand out in the crowd. You want it to be memorable. In high-end real estate, the open houses are parties that use event planners. There is music, performers, and great food because they want what you experience in that home to be memorable. In deciding what to wear to your open house, don’t be a plain Jane.
  3. You need to be on brand. Whatever that you have decided is your brand, that needs to be on full display during your open house. If part of your branding is the color red, you should be wearing something red. You don’t have to be in that color head to toe, but it should make an appearance.


So, let’s say you are a real estate professional that specializes in an area where homes are by the ocean. For your brand, you have made the love of the ocean and its creatures as part of your brand. For the open house, you could wear a very simple but sophisticated white dress with blue high heels. This checks the boxes on both professionalism and anything but a plain Jane. But what about being on brand?


To be on brand, think of your accessories. Could you have starfish earrings or a oversized starfish-inspired ring? Could you have a sea horse brooch? Could you wear a coral necklace? These are things that help you establish your brand, help you to become memorable, and make a great first impression that establishes who you are.


If you would also like to make a great first impression on your company website, you could mention that you are a member of the Surfrider foundation or a gold-level donor at the local aquarium.


Remember these three pillars when deciding what to wear to your open house and your next open house will be your best open house…well, you know—until the one after that, and then the one after that, and then… Well, you get the point.

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