Why You Need to Look as Good in the Lobby as You Do on Stage

What to Wear Articles November 3, 2017

“Hey, is that you?”


Those four words can be one of the most terrifying words in the English language. You might even feel a little tingle run up your spine or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


When you hear that phrase, you think, “Who could this possibly be, and what am I wearing right now?” Is it the girl in high school you never liked, and you are about to see her perfectly coiffed while you are dressed like you have been laying manure in the hot fields all day? Or is it going to be your ex-boyfriend that went back to his ex-girlfriend who wasn’t a supermodel per se, though she just did a couple strolls down the catwalk in fashion week. (Oh, how you loathe her Instagram feed!)


The phrase, “Hey, is that you?” is even more frightening if you are a public figure, and unfortunately, if you are professional speaker, you are a public figure. This means that you can be recognized at any time. You may be at the level where you nail your style up on stage, but you also have to nail it on the plane to the event and even in the lobby of the hotel of the event because that’s where you will have those four words spoken to you.


I know you don’t want to get on a cross-country flight in a tailored suit. It is hard to get in a good nap, with drool included, when you are wearing something uncomfortable. Why do you need to worry about what to wear traveling to a speaking event? You have to worry because everyone has a phone, everyone can post something online, and everything has the possibility of going viral and completely ruining your brand.


There are ways you can be both comfortable and cute. You can wear a hoodie, a fleece, or leggings and be very comfortable yet still look comfortable. So please dress in comfy clothes, but consider the complete outfit when you are trying to determine what to wear traveling to a speaking event.


For example, you want to wear a hoodie. You are getting up early in the morning when it is dark and cold outside to head to the airport. You’ll have to hit the ground running when you land. You could wear a hoodie under a denim jacket (make sure to pull out your hood so don’t have a big bulge behind your neck) with a pair of white jeans. On the plane, you can ditch the denim jacket or use as a blanket. You can pull the hood up over your head and take your nap. The white jeans help the outfit to look nice and crisp even though you are wearing a hoodie. White jeans is just one outfit idea on what to wear traveling to a speaking event


Next time you hear, “Hey, is that you?” you’ll turn around and be ready for whoever it is asking that question…except if it is her—you know, the non-supermodel. If it is her, you can absolutely go off.

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