The Real Secret to Sex Appeal vs. Curb Appeal for the Real Estate Professional Wardrobe

Business What to Wear Articles January 27, 2017

The idea of creating curb appeal is to make a prospective buyer say, “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhhh” when they pull up to a new home or, at the very least, make the home look inviting and not like Lurch will answer the door.

What do prospective clients say when they see you for the first time? If it’s not “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhhh” or “I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the table,” you may need to work on your own curb appeal by adding a little sex appeal to your wardrobe. Sex appeal doesn’t mean your photo on your business card could also double as an ad for the local plastic surgeon. It just means “immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm” (or at least, that is what defines sexual appeal as). So let’s get started on the Extreme Realtor Makeover Project: Sexual Appeal Edition.

The first curb appeal/sex appeal project is fabrics. You need to add some fabrics that have sex appeal, like lace, sheer material or chiffon, and mesh. If it is consistent with your overall brand, you could wear a black pencil skirt and a sheer, black button-up blouse with a black short-sleeve shirt underneath—simple, classy, and elegant. That’s definitely more excitement that just wearing a white button-up blouse. It also shows you have great taste, which everyone is looking for in a realtor. These fabrics are also what to wear with a cardigan to create a wear to work look.

Guess what? No one has to see your arms. So many of you ignore sexy, playful, and trendy tops because they are short-sleeved or sleeveless. You can wear the outfit with a jacket or cardigan. A jacket or cardigan is not an add-on; it is part of the outfit. This is what to wear with a cardigan. The completed look would be absent without it.  This is the second curb appeal/sex appeal project.

Venture into the teen department, sport a sassy striped tank top, or wear a tank top with an ironic saying on it. It is full on sex appeal if you wear a navy and white striped tank top with a white blazer and a pair of jeans. It is professional, classy, crisp, and clean. This not only says you have great taste but you also understand trends and are current. Looking outdated could cause someone to select a different realtor.

And we will end this curb appeal/sex appeal makeover with looking at your silhouette. This is the third step in this project.  An hourglass silhouette has sex appeal, and anyone can create one by using belts. One of my favorite looks is to take a chunky cardigan, belt it to make it look like a top, and wear it with wide-leg trousers. It is so simple, and everyone from checkout girl at the market to hippie soliciting donations outside the grocery store will compliment you on it. It is a great way to strike up a conversation that could lead to a new client or a new referral. When considering what to wear with a cardigan always remember that a belt is an option.

So, there you have it: three real secrets to sex appeal. One, use sexy fabrics. Two, layer with tank tops. And three, use belts to create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. Using these three secrets can get your prospective clients to say “Oooooo” and “Ahhhhhh” and sign on the dotted line.



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