LOOK BOOK: Weather Your Wardrobe 3 – Wind

I love the color of your coat! Those are some of the comments you could expect to hear in this outfit because you will know exactly what to wear with a coat on a windy day.

This is the perfect outfit to wear on a windy day. You’ll love the compliments you receive in your bold new coat.

This outfit was inspired by what to wear with a coat on a windy day in the third video of the Weather Your Wardrobe Style Series, you can watch the video by clicking here. You can follow the series, Weather Your Wardrobe on our YouTube channel or on the blog.

More Ideas for What to Wear with a Coat:
  • Keep you feet warm by wear black boots
  • Add a purple scarf for some added oomph to this outfit
  • Stay warm and cozy with a navy blue turtleneck


What Compliments Could You Expect From This Outfit:
  • “I like how you put these colors together”
  • “That green looks great with your eyes.”
  • “I would have never thought of putting together this outfit.”

You can see all the looks from the Weather Your Wardrobe series by browsing through the Pinterest Board.

Remember, you can do this! You now have all the ideas you need for what to wear with a coat.

♥ AJ

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