VIDEO: End Wardrobe Boredom 2 – Graphic Tee

End Wardrobe Boredom 2 – What to Wear with a Graphic Tee

What is your level of boredom with your wardrobe? Are at a low level 1 where your boredom is set on the autopilot of “good enough”. Or are you a full on level 5, meaning you are researching nudist colonies to be rid of your boring clothes once and for all.

Turn off your good enough autopilot, stop your nudist colony research, and let’s bring some excitement to your wardrobe because no one wants to see you in your birthday suit on your birthday.

If you follow the recommended plan in this series, you’ll have fun adding some bold pieces to your wardrobe to your put an end your boredom.  Pay particular attention during this episode because you can win a shopping spree.

This episode will show you what to wear with a graphic tee and why adding it to your wardrobe will help end wardrobe boredom:

  • Learn what is a graphic tee (starts at 3:30 in the video)
  • Watch how to pair this tee with 4 different outfits (at 4:56 in the video)
  • Use the Cute Outfit Idea Generator to get more outfit ideas


Use this link to access the scaled down version of the Cute Outfit Idea Generator:


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