What Went Wrong with the Capsule Wardrobe?

Style April 13, 2015

The capsule wardrobe was invented in 1970.

In 1970 we still used lava lamps to light rooms, typed on a typewriter, and listened to music on an 8-track player.

Isn’t time that wardrobe philosophies evolved as well?

The capsule says choose easy interchangeable pieces to your wardrobe. However, this can lead to a wardrobe filled with a lot basic black and lackluster pieces that make you more a wallflower than the belle of the ball.

The starting place for a capsule wardrobe is looking for individual basic pieces.

The starting place for BLOQ wardrobe is a head-turning outfit.

This head-turning outfit is then broken down to its basic building blocks which I call BLOQs.

You then take these BLOQs and start building more stunning outfits.

The end result is obvious, with a capsule wardrobe you have wardrobe that is easy, but it is monotonous and unimaginative. With a BLOQ wardrobe, flinging open the closet doors elicit a smile and wearing it elicits compliments and envious stares.

Why do you spell BLOQ’s with a “Q”?

For me the “Q” stands for “Q”uestion everything. Is this the most stylish option? Does this wow? What is the wardrobe ROI on this? How long will this stay in style? The outfit and pieces are chosen because they answered all of those questions brilliantly.

It is also because I’m maybe a little pretentious… okay a lot pretentious… okay, okay if Lee Daniels made a movie called Pretentious instead of Precious I would the the star of the film (there, are you satisfied now)

What do you have against capsule wardrobes?

Nothing. I think it is a great solution to most wardrobe struggles. I just stepped back and asked “Is it the BEST solution?” I think the idea of a BLOQ wardrobe is better solution and offers a spectacular end result. Being a cop and wearing a uniform to work everyday also makes getting dressed easy, but it does not produce a superior fashionable result.

So where can I get these BLOQs?

A BLOQ wardrobe is wardrobe philosophy just like capsule wardrobe. It is a guiding principle that is used in my products and programs.

It is like being an organic chef. Your philosophy is healthy, fresh, and organic and you infuse that philosophy into recipes.

Similar I infuse the BLOQ wardrobe philosophy into creating outfits. Create something amazing but it still needs to have the ability to be broken down into basic building blocks for lots and lots of mixing and matching.

If you want to see the BLOQ Wardrobe Philosophy in action, you can take a look at Style Recipe Cards. I’m so confident in the BLOQ Wardrobe Philosophy that I am able to offer a $20 plus your money back guarantee.

Does this mean that you don’t believe in wardrobe basics like a white button-up blouse or jeans?

I still believe in foundational wardrobe pieces. However, instead of just having clients collect these pieces. I believe in incorporating them into breathtaking outfits so that clients and customers do not end up with a wardrobe filled with basics. They have a wardrobe that is going to give them confidence and help them collect compliments. The wardrobe basics are incorporated again and again into outfits to still deliver wardrobe ROI.


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